The Island of Malo is situated just off the coast of Santo Vanuatu and is a beautiful place to visit if you are in Vanuatu. Just over 4000 people live on the Island and the main industry is copra & cocoa.

The boat landing to get to Nanuku on Malo is appoximately 15 km drive west of Luganville, just before the Naoneban ('Now-nay-barn') bridge. Most days (not Sundays) trucks can be found from 2.30pm in the afternoon, across the road from the market at the bamboo stand, in front of Valiant's store.

Ask someone sitting in front of the store "wea ples truck go long naone ban'?. It costs 200 Vatu per person on a market truck and takes 30 minutes. A taxi to Naoneban costs approximately 1000 Vatu.

Small boats to Malo take 20 minutes and cost 200 Vatu per person. You can take a boat to either Small Nanuku (30 minutes walk to Avunatari) or Avunatari direct.  If you charter a whole boat it will cost 2000 Vatu for the trip.

In September 2012 Remote Island Aid visited Malo to prepare some new projects and stayed at the Pandanus Guest House at Avunatari for 3 nights and it was very comfortable and the people are a pleasure. The family that owns the Pandanus Guest House will look after you for your stay. It's not a resort so take some snorkelling gear, go for some walks, you could fish from land or for a small fee go out on a boat. 

The cost was 1500 vatu per night per person which included 3 meals a day. Mr Vuro & Mrs Vomalehi (V sounds like F) local phone number is 5483590, country code is 678 so from Australia it would be 0011 678 5483590.

Go to our Avunatari page to find out about the school project and go to our shop front to see how we can help save you money.

The first photos are of Pandanus Guest House and the rest are from around Malo.

Watch video of Pandanus Guest House. Vomalehi collecting waterYouth group singing
Boat leaving Avunatari.  Avunatari School  Kindy near Avunatari
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Videos and photos around Malo. Including a large cave, children at Nanuku, Tastambea church, coco nut for lunch, Avunatari cove, health centre.

Kava bar on beach  Island village  Cocoa drying facility  Small Nanuku beach landing    

French school







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