How To Help

Fundraising for assistance projects is carried out by way of product sales, business investment and personal involvement.

We are able to offer an opportunity for like minded people to become a part of a referral network and earn extra income for themselves as well as assist Remote Island Aid to embrace the many needy aid programs.

If you wish to become involved in a project follow the links below to some of our fundraising activities or send your enquiries to

Ways you can benefit and help with projects.

Save on you Power Bills- Through an association with one of the largest direct sellers of Electricity for Residential and Commercial use you could save $100's off your next power bill. NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE.  


New mobile phones with great plans and call savings-
Through an association with the worlds largest direct seller of telecommunications you can have the latest phones on great plans with fantastic cost savings. LATEST MOBILE PHONES


CPR Saves Lives. Keyring CPR Masks
- Visit
learn about performing CPR and Purchase handy keyring CPR masks for your family, friends and work place.  

Give a share of a Filtration system
- Basic Filtration systems to provide clean water in remote lands can cost from as little as a couple of hundred dollars to many thousands. If you wish to assist select a paypal link below.



Earn extra income fo yourself

You have an opportunity to become a part of an international referral network which has been in business for over 20 years and operates in 23 countries. You can earn extra income for yourself as well as assist Remote Island Aid to embrace the many needy aid programs.


As a member you can simply help some friends, family or associates save money on their telecommunications or power bills and earn some extra income ($100's or $1000's per month).


Remote Island Aid is an international NGO (Non Government Organization) which by way of business activities invests in local aid projects in diverse lands. Remote Island Aid does not directly solicit donations rather encourages participation in assistance projects. All enquiries to

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