Remote Island Health


In general a high number of remote islanders rarely see a doctor, dentist or health professional. The remoteness of their ‘island paradise’ can leave villages isolated, vulnerable and in ill health.



In some areas a central medical facility is available but with primitive transport available to villagers and the time to travel 10s or 100s of kilometers to seek help the villages usually go without.


Mobile clinics to visit villages on remote islands and assist with health, hygiene and dental needs are one way to provide this care. The cost of transporting medical staff, equipment and supplies can inhibit this process also limit the amount and quantity of care given.  


Help is needed so we can embrace the growing health needs of remote islanders and to establish/continue this essential service.


Remote Island Aid is an international NGO (Non Government Organization) which by way of business activities invests in local aid projects in diverse lands. Remote Island Aid does not directly solicit donations rather encourages participation in assistance projects. All enquiries to

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