In January 2015 we will be returning to the Islands of Malo and Aore, both are located just off the southern end of the Island of Santo. Some of the assistance we will provide is listed below but with more equipment and repairs needed for the School and Kindergartens it would be great to have some extra money to fulfil some more of the needs.

In October 2013 we visited this small kindergarten on the Eastern side of the Island, as this area isn't a regular on any tourist trips it is a case of out of sight out of mind!! We went back to the kindergarten a few days later and delivered some books and a small amount of other stationary.

Aore Island kindergarten.

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click to view Aore kindy video    click to view Malo kindy video

As you can see by the video the Aore kindergarten has very little equipment, desk, chairs, learning material and the build is in need of maintenance. The glass in the widows was falling out and the 15 kids sat on a mat during the day to learn.

In January we will be delivering some Exercise books, pencils and other stationary to 3 kindergartens (about 45 kids) as well as replacing the louver window tracks and replacing the missing glass on the Aore kindy, as you can see in the video they are rusty and the glass is falling out. 

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We would like to find desks and chairs from the Island of Santo and get them to the kindy

We would also like to be able to purchase from Santo some more learning books for the kids and each set of ABC & 123 learning books cost about $5 (Australian). If you have a few dollars spare help is needed. 

1 set of books $5

3 sets of books $15

10 sets of books $50

Avunatari School Malo



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In January we will continue our work on the school with further repairs to the roof of the building, replacing the iron at the end of roofs to prevent leaking, replacing some of the missing facia timbers and some general repairs needed.

We would like to install air venting (whirly birds) to the roof of both buildings to assist with cooling the class rooms but at a cost of $500 assistance is needed for this project. Also the old shutter windows on the second building are falling off and need to be replaced with louver windows.   


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